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Gabriella Pusztai & Adrian Hatos (eds.): Higher Education for Regional Social Cohesion. HERJ (Hungarian Educational Research Journal) Special Issue.



Gabriella Pusztai & Adrian Hatos & Tímea Ceglédi (eds.) (2012): Third Mission of Higher Education in a Cross-Border Region. Educational Research in Central and Eastern Europe I. CHERD-Hungary


Zoltán Györgyi & Zoltán Nagy (eds.) (2013): Students in a Cross-Border Region. Higher Education for Regional Social Cohesion. Oradea, University of Oradea Press


 Tamás Kozma & Krisztina Bernáth (eds.) (2012): Higher Education in the Romania-Hungary Cross-border Cooperation Area. Partium University Press & CHERD-Hungary



Policy issues

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"Higher Education for Social Cohesion" - final conference presentations

Academics perception about university curricula in Bologna system (Săveanu, Sorana &Ștefănescu, Florica) 

Differences and identities – examination of students’ value preferences in Romanian, Hungarian and Romanian-born Hungarian subsamples (Bocsi, Veronika) 

Effect of Institutional Social Capital on Student Achievement (Pusztai, Gabriella) 

Employers’ Competence Expectations toward Young Employees Skill - Ability – Competence(Mátyási, Rita & Bernáth, Krisztina) 

Enrollment in and Subject Field Choice in Higher Education: the Effectively Maintained Inequality Model at Work in the Hungarian-Romanian Cross-border Region (Hatos, Adrian) 

Hungarian Minority Educational Policies and Opportunities in Bihor County (Flóra, Gábor & Szilágyi, Györgyi) 

Influence of the Gender Factor on Students’ Electronic Learning Styles (Bujdosó, Gyöngyi) 

Insight into the Hungarian and Romanian Talent Care System in Higher Education – a Legal Approach (Győrbíró, András & Ceglédi, Tímea) 

Lifelong Learning in a Cross-Border Setting: the Case of Hungary and Romania (Tőzsér, Zoltán & Kozma, Tamás & Teperics, Károly & Erdei, Gábor) 

Models of Cross-Border Cooperation (Kozma, Tamás) 

Sport Participation and Subjective Well-being among University Students in the Hungarian-Romanian-Ukrainian Cross-border Area (Bălţătescu, Sergiu & Kovács, Klára)

Students with disabilities in Higher Education (Belényi, Emese)

Students’ moral awareness related to learning attitudes – continuing an interregional analysis(Barta, Szilvia)

Study-driven migration in the Hungarian-Romanian border region (Teperics, Károly & Czimre, Klára)

The Attitude of Men and Women in Higher Education to Lifelong Learning (Engler, Ágnes)

The Process of Deprofessionalization. The Case of Teacher Training (Fónai, Mihály)

The role of tertiary education in adult learning (Erdei, Gábor)

Values and Volunteering (Fényes, Hajnalka & Bocsi, Veronika)

Who enters? Former achievement and social background of students in colleges for advanced studies (Ceglédi, Tímea & Fónai, Mihály)

Why Higher Education Reforms Fail? (Szolár, Éva)

Working and Studying. On the work experience of students participating in adult education(Csoba, Judit)


Dissemination/ Follow-up



Bocsi, Veronika: The Relationship between Social Gender and the World of Values in Higher Education. Center for Educational Policy Studies Journal (c e p s Journal) | Vol.2 | No 4 | Year 2012

Floare Chipea, Sorana Săveanu & Zsolt Bottyan, Elitist or integrative educational systems? Opinions among students from Hungary-Romania cross-border area, (in press, paper for volume edited by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK) (in press)

Florica Ştefănescu & Sorana Săveanu, The Employers’ Perceptions and the Bologna Process – Expectations and Results, in Stanislaw Popek & Jaroslaw Swida (Eds.), Managing of the Education Process in a Higher School (pp. 77-93),Wydawnictwo Printpap, Jaroslaw, Poland 2012. (in press)

Florica Ştefănescu & Sorana Săveanu, Economy, Education and CreativityPsychologia Ekonomiczna, Akademickie Stowarzyszenie Psychologii Ekonomicznej (ASPE)  [Economic Psychology, Academic Association for Economics/Psihologie Economică, Asociația Academicăde Științe Economice], Krakow, Poland,  nr. 3, 2013, pp. 52-68 (in press)

Florica Ştefănescu & Sorana Săveanu, Religia, determinant al comportamentului economic al studentilor? [Religion, determinant of economic behavior of students?],  Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies (JSRI) (in press, vol. 12, issue 35 (Summer 2013)) (in press)

Sorana Săveanu, Tomina Săveanu, 2013, Volunteering among Students in Romania And Hungary Cross-Border Area, The Annals of the University Of Oradea, Economic Sciences (in press, vol. XXII, 2013) (in press)



Barta Szilvia: Student attitudes to norms and values in the higher education institutions of the Partium region. 2012. november 1-2. “Normativity and Normatives in and of Pedagogy“ (“Normativitaet und Normative (in) der Paedagogik“), University of Wien, Austria

Bocsi Veronika: Értékek és attitűdök a felsőoktatás világában. Hungarian Conference on Educational Research, 2013, Debrecen

Florica Ștefănescu, Sorana Săveanu, Economy, Education and Creativity, International Conference Interdisciplinary Research in Humanities: Psychology Section, University of Debrecen Institute of Psychology, Debrecen, Hungary, 7-8 iulie 2013

Sorana  Săveanu, Tomina Săveanu, Students’ volunteering and associative membership in Romania-Hungary cross-border area, Public Sociology and Social Intervention in the Carpathian Basin International Conference, Oradea, 21-22 May 2013, Organizers: Hungarian Sociological Association – Section for the Social Research in the Carpathian Basin, Partium Christian University, Romanian Sociological Society

Sorana  Săveanu, Tomina Săveanu, Volunteering among Students in Romania and Hungary Cross-Border Area, 9th Edition of The International Conference “European Integration – New Challenges” - EINCO 2013, organized during 24th – 25th May 2013, at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Oradea

Ştefănescu, Florica, Săveanu Sorana, Working and/or studying? Students in the labor market in Romania-Hungary cross-border area,  Public Sociology and Social Intervention in the Carpathian Basin International Conference, Oradea, 21-22 May 2013, Organizers: Hungarian Sociological Association – Section for the Social Research in the Carpathian Basin, Partium Christian University, Romanian Sociological Society 


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